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CODE OF CONDUCT for Celebration Israel 2017

If you are attending Celebration, you may be asked the purpose of your visit to Israel.

You are a tourist and this is what you should say: you are attending a conference and going on some tours. You do not give more information than they ask for. You are staying near Haifa and the conference is at Carmel Conference Centre. The tour company is You Israel.

The Carmel Conference Centre is in a Druze village, where several ethnic and religious groups share history and life. They love people and we encourage you to support local businesses.

Remember, our purpose is to HONOR and RESPECT those we are in the midst of.

Important Points

1 – MODEST DRESS while in public, especially cover shoulders and cleavage.

2 – HEAT – please be careful!

REMEMBER hat/umbrella & sunscreen. Refill your water bottle regularly and drink plenty: you may not have much shade available when you walk or go on excursions. Wear comfortable footwear.

3 – RUBBISH is common, but we do not want to make it worse by dropping litter.

Please be responsible and respectful – throw it in a bin.

4 – living with OTHERS

Practise good personal hygiene.
Use water wisely, but ALWAYS sanitise your hands after using the toilets, MEN and WOMEN.

Support local businesses by purchasing their fruit & vegetables, bakery goods, coffee & beverages & foods. There are a few souvenir shops in the village, and there may be some items for sale at the Celebration site.

At your accommodations, food preparation is to be done in a kitchen ONLY. If you do not have a kitchen, hot water only is available for pre-packaged food items.

5 – We are in a safe NEIGHBOURHOOD

Be friendly with a smile and say Shalom. Many people know a few words of English. They are proud of their families, so if you give attention to babies and children they will think you’re wonderful and wise. And if they give attention to your babies and children you will think they are wonderful and wise.
If you communicate with Muslims, men should greet men and women should greet women.


We encourage you to reach out to others by bringing or making small cultural gifts. Do not use religious symbols such as crosses or the word ‘Jesus’.

7- Remember Travel and Medical Insurance.

Celebration for the Nations cannot take responsibility for any lost or stolen items or any expenses due to accident or medical emergency.