Celebration Update July 2013


    "Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns.” Rev 19:6

Our seventh and final Celebration for the Nations in Wales is nearly here! Only the Lord knows the struggles of faith, the sacrifices and offerings made by so many from across the nations. His heart is thrilled with every step of faith we take.

I want to tell you that what we have been doing in worship and intercession for Revival in the last seven years is bearing fruit here in Wales, and I believe will bear fruit even in North Korea! Many here in Wales feel that we are in pre-Revival days. Here is a quote from the Ffald-y-Brenin newsletter, Synergy:

A number of people attended their local chapel in the Southern Valleys for the first time. They all responded to the gospel at the close. More attended in the evening and also made a response. (There are reports from all over Wales of local people suddenly turning up to worship.)

In Victory Church, Cwmbran, they have seen over 600 people make a decision for Jesus since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit began in their church on April 10. Many have been healed and others delivered from addiction to drugs etc. and they have just opened a new church plant.

The first Welsh language church plant in generations has happened in Swansea. The Evangelical Alliance magazine of the UK says:

It’s beginning to feel like a new day for the gospel in Wales’

In 2011 a minister from America, Roy Fields, came to take a four-day conference in Cardiff. Four days turned into more than five months as the Holy Spirit used Roy and his team all over Wales. During that time the Holy Spirit gave him a prophetic word.

During one of the Swansea meetings, the Spirit of Almighty God spoke through Roy about God pouring out over Wales again within 2 years.

This is the time! We are the people! Let’s worship our great King!

Come as the Bride, not just ‘wedding guests’

As we prayed last year the Lord showed us that this final Celebration was to be like a wedding, the Bride coming into her rightful place beside the Bridegroom. We come knowing that we are the Beloved. However, we know too that we have not been ‘a helper fit for him’ (Genesis 2:18). His work is completed already, but we have yet to fully make known the salvation that He has won for the nations.

We can draw near to Him with full assurance of faith, yet with humble and contrite hearts. I know that Jesus wants to reveal many things as we sit at His feet and worship Him this year. He has told us that as we sing, the waters will break out and come to us. Let’s be expectant! Faith is the assurance of things hoped for ... what are you hoping for this year?

The verse at the beginning of this update is the worship song of the Bride just before the wedding feast. She has overcome Babylon, the false Bride and the system of this world, which tries to hold people in oppression and bondage. Babylon had been sitting on the waters:

The waters that you saw, where the prostitute is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and languages (Rev 17:15).


Those waters are now released and John, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit describes the voice of the worshipping Bride ‘like the roar of many waters’ (Rev 19:6). This is the same way he described the voice of the glorified Jesus when he saw Him (Rev 1:15). When we as the Bride take our true place of victory and authority in the finished work of Christ, we speak with His voice. Streams of living water overflow from our hearts, words of life come from our mouths. People are released! This is what happened at Pentecost. The word roar is translated from the Greek fona which has the meaning of sound and light. Sound with light in it. The vision I saw which started Celebration for the Nations was of water with light in it. It was the same fona that drew the people on the first day of Pentecost (Acts 2:6). They were drawn to the sound of the apostles declaring the glory of God in every language and tongue. They were drawn to sound with the light of revelation in it.


Let’s come to Celebration knowing our place as the Bride of Christ, not just guests at the wedding. We are on the edge of Revival. Will we move in? It will cost us everything. The word for witness and the word for martyr are the same in the New Testament. I believe the Lion of Judah is roaring at injustice. His heart aches for North Korea, for Syria, for Central Africa. As we worship, we touch His heart. Compassion always leads to action. The Lord wants to send worshipping witnesses out from the Celebration into the Nations, just as He did in 1904.

The shout of the King!

There is a sound in the heavenlies, a teruwah a shout of battle and a shout of joy. Our King Jesus shouts in our midst:

The Lord their God is with them, and the shout of the King is among them (Numbers 23:21).

We are asking people to bring shofars if you have them, especially if you are already in the UK and don’t have to travel with them! We believe that just as the walls of Jericho fell on the seventh day as the people shouted in obedience to the Lord, so the Lord is asking us to shout as His warrior Bride in this seventh year. There is something He is doing that we need to echo on earth. May the walls come down and many be released into salvation!

Let my people go that they may worship me!

  • Pray for all who should come, that nothing will hinder those whom the Lord is calling. Lack of finance, sickness, oppression, miscommunication are all something of the world’s systems that must give way to the faith of the Son of God in us!

  • Pray for the whole costs of the Celebration to be covered. Praise God for gifts that still continue to come! Thank you to all who are giving!

  • Pray for protection over the Celebration administration team in Wales (Daniel-Kyungmin, Kirsty-Hyunyoung, Hyo Ju, Jeemin, Momin and Christiane) and in Korea (Meesook, Dong Ho, Seung Shin) that the enormous amount of work left will be carried out with wisdom, joy and discernment.

  • Pray for good weather!

  • Please pray for each worship team who will lead us, so that each meeting will glorify Jesus.

  • Pray for God’s direction throughout the Celebration that we would be sensitive to the gentle voice of the Spirit.

  • Pray for salvation, healing, deliverance! That the Lord would draw people into the meetings, but also, as we go onto the streets, that streams of living water would flow from us!

  • Pray for the waters to spring up, that we would be transformed, Wales will be transformed, and the places we go to will be transformed!

See many of you soon! For those who can’t come, but are standing with us in prayer anyway, THANK YOU! May the Lord sustain and reward you.

Yours for the glory of Jesus,