Celebration News Update November 2011

Please use this update for prayer and preparation for the 6th Celebration for the Nations. We are part of a worship intercession for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh!

And when those who bore the ark of the LORD had gone six steps, he sacrificed an ox and a fattened animal (2 Samuel 6:13).

King David brought the Ark of God’s presence back to Jerusalem in great humility. He had tried to bring it back three months beforehand and made a disastrous mistake. Yet, he longed for God’s presence more than he longed for his own life so, risking everything, he sought God’s word and God’s way, and went to get the Ark.

The priests were only allowed to take six steps, and then David sacrificed animals to the Lord. Six is the number of man. We were created on the sixth day. Six speaks of the fullness of all a man can do. If that fullness is given to Satan, it becomes consummate evil, depicted in Revelation by the number 666. However, if all that we are is instead given to God, He puts it under the blood, not of animals but of His Son, and we enter into the miracle of carrying the Presence of God on earth.

We are entering our sixth year of Celebration for the Nations. Our longing is to see the Presence of God be made manifest here on earth. I believe the Lord wants to speak to us this year about humility and boldness. David had both. Sometimes we feel that to be humble means to be quiet and do nothing. However, true humility is found in recognising who we are; we are made of dust and yet filled with God’s presence. He has called us to be co-workers. That means we must take our six small steps, even though we realise our frailty, even though we risk death. Those six steps carrying His Presence are sanctified by His blood, so that we will not die, but live to proclaim Jesus as the King of kings!


Celebration for the Nations, Korea 
9 – 11 January. Please contact Revival Korea for details!
  www.revivalkorea.org / 02-824-3330
Gareth, Christiane, Paster Hoon Jong and Gail will all be coming from the UK.
Pray for breakout!


Prayer and Preparation for the 7th Year 
2013 is the final year for Celebration for the Nations according to what we have understood the Lord to show us. Personally I have been struggling with the idea of going back to the Festival Fields in a large tent, because we estimate that it will cost around £175 000!!; this includes tents for accommodation. There are so many ways in God’s kingdom to use that amount of money, should we just spend it all for a week of worship? Of course we don’t even have the money yet. Our Celebration account has £130 in it!! (Just received news of a £1000 gift, praise God!).

However, recently the Lord strongly spoke to me from Isaiah 54:2-3:

Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left, and your offspring will possess the nations and will people the desolate cities.’

I believe that it is on God’s heart for us to enlarge the place of our tent! He is longing to pour out his Spirit so that the nations may hear of his love. This Celebration is for the nations to know the One who is worthy of all praise!

In 2007 we had a tent that could hold 1500 people. How big should our tent be in 2013? We are also exploring the idea of using the local rugby stadium, Parc-y-Scarlets, for one or more of the meetings. Rugby is dear to the Welsh heart. Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear the stadium filled with the praises of God? It will hold nearly 15,000 people, though we are thinking of having one stand which holds about 6000.

We don’t yet know if this is on the heart of the Lord, and we ask you to pray with us.


Indian involvement 2012 
Those of you who came last year will have seen the group from Mizoram and Manipur (Northern India) who did the 40-day fast for Wales and the UK. Next year they would like to bring a choir and dance team from Mizoram and a choir and drama team from Manipur. We are excited about this, especially using them in the traditional singing festival, the Cymanfa Ganu, as well as out on the streets. Please pray that everyone who should come will be granted visas. The Welsh Revival hit both Manipur and Mizoram in 1906. Mizoram is still over 80% Christian today. The revival transformed their society. The literacy rate in 1901 was 0.9%, today it is over 89%, one of the highest rates in India.


Encouragement and Insight 
Steve Virgo, who was a founder member of World Horizons writes:

 Abraham had many years on a journey searching for his promise, his vision... and when he got there he found... laughter (Isaac). That is the place where we can no longer pray, for we have encountered the laughter, encountered the person who is fullness of joy.

 Christianity is boring when we understand it, can teach it, and call people into what we've got. It’s attractive when we are an adventure band on a voyage of discovery where every person can join in.

How I see Celebration:
One day soon people of every nation and family on earth will have discovered their fullness of joy in Jesus, their whole heart will be melted at what He means to them. They will be discovering how He fulfils the hopes and dreams their family has carried since Eden, and how their cultural and spiritual identity is not only enlightened by Christ, but becomes a channel of blessing to all nations on earth. In that day.... they will make sound. It will be a celebration sound, a different sound from each people.

Can we ask for that now? Why not?


Father’s Love
The Father’s Love dance and worship team were in Llanelli during June and July again this year. We felt that for the second year running, they were preparing the way for Celebration. They were invited to dance and teach seminars at a Christian Youth Event called ‘Spree’. Interestingly, after our 2007 Celebration, Spree also started to hire the Festival Fields in Llanelli. This year there was some breakthrough as children from many youth groups around Wales met together. Some got saved, others were filled with the Holy Spirit. One of the youth leaders wrote:

I noticed on the Saturday night that something was different in the evening service. God was almost tangible. My only conclusion as to why was the Korean group that came at lunchtime.

The organiser told me that she felt they opened heaven as they worshipped the Lord.


Celebration admin team 
This year there is even more to do than previously as we need to start preparing for 2013 as well! Praise God for Jacqui, a local businesswoman, and also for Jeemin and Kyunghee who will join us from Korea in February. Pray too for Jung Im as she seeks to know whether the Lord would like her to join us.


Please pray for the huge amount of finance that is needed. We never want to charge anyone to come to the Celebration. We want the door to be wide open, especially for those who do not yet believe. However, there are many costs to cover. If you would like to make an offering you can make a payment to Celebration for the Nations

Sort Code: 55 70 37 Account Number: 81093918

IBAN: GB88NWBK55703781093918 (these last two numbers needed if you are transferring funds from BIC: NWBKGB2L another country)


 Praise God! Let’s keep worshipping our amazing Lord. We are weak, but he has made us warriors; worshipper warriors! In Christ,


Gail for the Celebration team