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Celebration Israel August 2-9.2017 JulyUpdate

Celebration Israel

August 2-9. 2017

July Update from Gail Dixon


Your troops will be willing
on your day of battle.
Arrayed in holy splendour,
your young men will come to you
like dew from the morning’s womb (Psalm 110:3).


Dear worshipper warriors,

We are in a battle, but we do not fight with the weapon's of this world. Our King and Commander is the Lamb of God, who won by losing, and defeated His enemies by dying. His weapon is an indestructible one, it is the weapon of LOVE. Psalm 110 is one of the foundational scriptures the Lord gave us for Celebration for the Nations. It speaks of the ascension and complete victory of Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of the Father extending His reign from Zion until all His enemies are made a footstool for His feet. 

Why do we not yet see every enemy under the feet of our Saviour? Did He not finish His work when He died on the Cross? Yes, He did, but He has left us a part to play, and this part is summarised in the verse I have quoted. This 'day of battle' is also translated 'day of power'. It speaks of the Day we are now in, since Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the Father. 

He told His disciples that all authority had been given to Him, so they could go and make disciples of all nations. He told them that they would receive power to do this work when the Holy Spirit came upon them. This is the day of His power! We have received His Holy Spirit. It is now up to us to willingly volunteer to obey Him. He has provided garments of holy splendour...righteousness, praise, salvation for us to wear. 

We gather together on the top of Mount Carmel this year, and then in Jerusalem to celebrate the victory of our King. He truly is the King of all Kings, the King of the nations. We will worship Him as such in the holy garments He has given us. As we worship let us dedicate ourselves to see His rule extend to every nation, every tribe. 

This prophetic psalm speaks of the youth coming to Him like the dew of the dawn. Have you ever seen a dew-laden dawn? Could you count the dewdrops? There will be a huge turning of young people to Jesus (the Hebrew word in v3 is generic including men and women). Satan is trying to steal this young generation. They need to see LOVE modelled by us. They need to find what is worth living for, worth dying for. It is when the troops of the Lamb arise and win by losing and defeat our enemies by dying to ourselves, that the youth will arise like the dew.

Druze youth

The Druze live on the Carmel Mountain range of Israel, among other places. They believe in reincarnation. We have heard recently of young people killing themselves in the hope of a better life when they return the next time. Let's pray for their eyes to be opened! We will be living among them. May they see true and eternal life in us!

Messianic Youth

The numbers of Jewish young people who have accepted Jesus as their Messiah is still small, (estimated 1500 in 2011). Pray that they will be bold to share the gospel with their friends, and that the Lord would inspire and lead them in the ministry of reconciliation towards their Arab brothers and sisters. 

Youth in Israel

Jewish teenagers struggle with fear of going out in case of terrorist attacks. Arab teenagers grow up with hatred and fear as normal everyday companions. More than 11% of young people in Israel are regular drug users (IADA). Suicide is increasing among youth in the West Bank and Gaza. Satan is trying to destroy this lost generation. As we worship the Lord who loves them, let's say with the song writer….


Break my heart for what breaks Yours,

Everything I am for your Kingdom's cause (Hillsong: Hosanna).

(N.B. Hosanna means Save!)

Yours for the King!


* * *

Update from Louise 

Hello Worshipping Warriors!

I recently read some interesting articles about tooth-to-tail ratios. Any clue what this is about? … Did you guess…WAR?

The tooth-to-tail ratio ("T3R") is a military term that refers to the amount of military personnel it takes to supply and support ("tail") each combat soldier ("tooth"). While both "tooth" and "tail" soldiers may find themselves in combat or other life-threatening situations "tooth" soldiers are those whose primary function is to neutralize the enemy. The ratio is not a specific measure but rather a general indication of an army's actual military might in relation to the resources it devotes to supply, upkeep, and logistics. (Wikipedia)

So, what has the ratio been? I've read that historically it has been anywhere from 1:10 to 1:4. Do each of us have four to ten people praying on our behalf? And does Celebration have a praying army to cover what is happening on the ground at a ratio of at least 4 to 1?

The last CFTN letter we sent out included several specific prayer items, and we had a reply thanking us because being so specific helped the reader know how and what to pray. So, I want to bring up the tooth-to-tail ratio as a way of illustrating the importance of your prayers, however brief they may be. You see, we are in a war, but it is a war of LOVE, as has Gail shared. 

Tooth-to-tail ratio speaks of those soldiers on the front lines AND those troops who support through their 'non-combat' functions.

That is what YOU are. As we send our letters and let you know what is happening we say THANK YOU for your prayers and support. WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! Of course, we know that prayer IScombat, but we also know that most of you who read our letters are not attending CFTN Israel. STILL, as fellow members of Kingdom of God we definitely need you ... your prayers are powerful.

So here is how you can pray…


•That relational bridges will be made through smiles and friendly gestures, small gifts, and many other creative ways, both in the village and at the worship sessions, but also every time people are simply out and about in Israel.

•That the music will DRAW people to come and see what is going on. Desperate hunger and thirst.

•That the worship will MELT hearts to receive the love of the Father through the sacrifice of Jesus the Son.

•That the WELL of the Holy Spirit will SPRING UP and POUR OUT His sweet presence on all so that they will be changed, encouraged, baptised, and equipped. That heaven will come to earth.


•That BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Celebration will be covered by the blood of Jesus that security, safety, and health is maintained, the name of Jesus is lifted high, and the glory of the Lord abounds! 

•We want UNITY between all who gather, that no disharmony creeps in, no personal mandates take control, and that any plans of the enemy crumble to ash and blow away. That JOY erupts in unexpected ways, that FREEDOM reigns so that God's plans are allowed to happen.

•Pray for no problems at the borders for anyone entering the country.

•Also, financial miracles are still needed for various teams and even attendees. I want them to have some fun, too, while in Israel, so a little extra to have some enjoyment for their willingness to serve. I'm being bold, here, but I also want to ask for fantastic offerings so that we can give great blessings to people and ministries in Israel.

•That the children would be deeply affected by their time in Israel (through daily Godly Play sessions, friendships, fun..) and used by God for His glory.


•We are looking to the Lord for direction as to how the future of Celebration is to unfold. We know that GOD HAS A PLAN! We aren't interested in someone's good idea: we're interested in the BEST idea...which is simply God's plan.


We have a worship team from North Korea coming to Celebration Israel, and a Canadian team, too! We are very excited, as it is an answer to specific prayer! More miracles on the way! ...Another...a UK worship team is now coming...yesss!

Are You Attending? 

Can you who are attending please make or purchase small gifts to give out randomly or during planned times of meeting people? They certainly don't have to be expensive, but would ideally reflect your home country or culture. Ideas include fridge magnets, key chains, post cards, tiny ornaments, candy, book marks, painted pebbles, tiny drawn pictures… and many more! Do not use crosses or the word Jesus. Ask God for creative ideas and don't forget to pray blessing over the receiver of your gifts.

I have also attached a Code of Conduct note to this email to remind you of how to be appropriate while in Israel, and what to say if questioned at customs.


Dates & Location…

Remember that Celebration is Wednesday 2 to Tuesday 8 of August on Mount Carmel

AND another day has been added in Jerusalem, Wednesday August 9 from 17.00 -22.00 

King Of Kings Community, The Pavilion, Yafo Street 97.

I'm excited, and I hope you are too. Shalom!



Eighth Day of Celebration for the Nations




Announcing an Eighth Day of Celebration for the Nations.

9th August 2017 5pm-10pm King of Kings Congregation Jerusalem.


This year we will have an eighth day of Celebration for the Nations in Jerusalem. We are sorry for the late notice, and hope that you can join us as we move on to Jerusalem after a week of worship on Mount Carmel.


The Feast of Tabernacles has always been a model for Celebration. It is the Feast that celebrates the final harvest of the year, and speaks of the great harvest of souls that there is among the nations. It is a time of joy and singing. Jesus spoke a wonderful promise on the last and greatest day of the Feast (the eighth day),

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”(John 7:37-38)

As we thirst for more of the Lord, may those living waters flow through us from Jerusalem into the nations.


열방부흥축제 여덟째 날 일정 안내
2017년 8월 9일 오후 5시~10시까지 예루살렘의 ‘King of Kings’에서 모입니다.

안내가 늦어 죄송합니다.
올해는 열방부흥축제의 여덟째 날을 예루살렘에서 가지게 됩니다. 갈멜산에서의 일정을 마친 후 예루살렘으로 이동 할 때 모두가 함께 할 수 있기를 바랍니다.

항상 초막절은 축제의 모델이었습니다. 한 해의 마지막 수확을 기념하고 열방 가운데있는 영혼들의 위대한 수확에 대해 선포하는 축제입니다. 이것은 기쁨과 노래의 시간입니다. 예수님은 축제 마지막 날이자 가장 위대한 날에 놀라운 약속을하셨습니다(8일째 날).

“누구든지 목마르거든 내게로 와서 마시라 나를 믿는 자는 성경에 이름과 같이 그 배에서 생수의 강이 흘러나오리라”(요 7:37,38)

우리가 주님의 더 많은 것들을 갈망 할 때 예루살렘에서 살아있는 물이 흘러나와 우리를 통해 여러 나라로 흘러 들어갈 것입니다.




CODE OF CONDUCT for Celebration Israel 2017

If you are attending Celebration, you may be asked the purpose of your visit to Israel.

You are a tourist and this is what you should say: you are attending a conference and going on some tours. You do not give more information than they ask for. You are staying near Haifa and the conference is at Carmel Conference Centre. The tour company is You Israel.

The Carmel Conference Centre is in a Druze village, where several ethnic and religious groups share history and life. They love people and we encourage you to support local businesses.

Remember, our purpose is to HONOR and RESPECT those we are in the midst of.

Important Points

1 – MODEST DRESS while in public, especially cover shoulders and cleavage.

2 – HEAT – please be careful!

REMEMBER hat/umbrella & sunscreen. Refill your water bottle regularly and drink plenty: you may not have much shade available when you walk or go on excursions. Wear comfortable footwear.

3 – RUBBISH is common, but we do not want to make it worse by dropping litter.

Please be responsible and respectful – throw it in a bin.

4 – living with OTHERS

Practise good personal hygiene.
Use water wisely, but ALWAYS sanitise your hands after using the toilets, MEN and WOMEN.

Support local businesses by purchasing their fruit & vegetables, bakery goods, coffee & beverages & foods. There are a few souvenir shops in the village, and there may be some items for sale at the Celebration site.

At your accommodations, food preparation is to be done in a kitchen ONLY. If you do not have a kitchen, hot water only is available for pre-packaged food items.

5 – We are in a safe NEIGHBOURHOOD

Be friendly with a smile and say Shalom. Many people know a few words of English. They are proud of their families, so if you give attention to babies and children they will think you’re wonderful and wise. And if they give attention to your babies and children you will think they are wonderful and wise.
If you communicate with Muslims, men should greet men and women should greet women.


We encourage you to reach out to others by bringing or making small cultural gifts. Do not use religious symbols such as crosses or the word ‘Jesus’.

7- Remember Travel and Medical Insurance.

Celebration for the Nations cannot take responsibility for any lost or stolen items or any expenses due to accident or medical emergency.